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Proper Snow Blower Maintenance and Storage

To extend the life of, ensure reliability, and do the best job possible with your Craftsman, MTD or Troy-Bilt snow blower, it is important to ensure proper maintenance and storage. In this post we will provide tips on proper storage of your machine as well as how to prepare your snow blower for storage. Read further to find out how to ensure your machine is ready for the upcoming winter.

Essential Maintenance Tips

Proper storage is essential in extending the life of your snow blower. Craftsman highlights that this is essential in also avoiding costly repairs. We recommend storing your machine in a dry location and draining your fuel tank or using a trusted fuel stabilizer prior to storage. Your owner’s manual will provide you with detailed instructions on the best storage for your machine. You can also purchase a universal snow blower cover on our site to help protect the machine year-round.

Now that we’ve mentioned fuel stabilizer, we should explain it. When fuel is left unused, it can start to cause a gum like buildup or varnish within the machines fuel system. Once this happens, your machine will have a difficult time starting, and the fuel system will need to be cleaned out. We recommend either using a fuel stabilizer to prevent this or draining the tank. Your owner’s manual will explain the best option for your machine.

A general rule of thumb on fuel, if you don’t plan on using the machine for two or more months, you should drain the fuel tank. Fresh fuel will always help extend the life of your machine and help improve reliability. Consult your owner’s manual to know what ethanol content and minimum octane requirements your machine has.

If your snow blower is new, you should have it serviced after its first 5 hours of use. After that, the oil can be changed seasonally. You should always plan to check the oil before each use and top up as necessary. As this is just a guide, the best practice is to consult your machine’s owner’s manual to make sure you follow the correct maintenance schedule to not void your warranty.

Inspect your belts for wear and replace where necessary. As well as lubricate the drive chassis.

In summary, in Summer and Fall your machine should be stored in a dry location. For Winter it’ll be important that you add fresh fuel, check your shear pins, change your engine oil each season and store in a dry location when not in use.

At Sunny Hill Power, we provide full service and maintenance for all brands of snow blowers. Sunny Hill Power also sells new Craftsman, Troy-Bilt and MTD machines. You can pre-book your winter ready maintenance services and we will help ensure your machine is ready and reliable this winter.


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